NAN Newark Tech World Bus

NAN Newark Tech World ensures great ideas for motivating and engaging students in powerful learning experiences. In doing so, we have partnered with OMNI America in producing a “learning on wheels” experience. The tech bus is fully equipped with wifi, computers, tablets, learning stations, and many more supplies. Students have the ability to access all homework and learning curriculum in the comfort of a bus.

Spruce Spires After School Program​

Garden Spires After School Program

NAN Newark Tech World serves children and youth of all ages. These programs encompass a broad range of focus areas including academic support, mentoring, positive youth development, arts, sports and recreation, apprenticeships, workforce development programs, and programs for opportunity youth. The activities children and youth engage in outside of school hours are critical to their overall development, highlighting the need for quality afterschool programs in all communities. 

Podcast Media Room
NAN Newark Tech World Gymnasium
360 Photo booth

Media Room

NAN Tech World Gym

NAN Newark Tech World has remodeled the recreational gym. In doing so, our recreational programs such as the cheerleading teams, drill teams, and basketball teams are able to utilize the gym as an extra curriculum activity/sport.  

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